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Why Design/Build Matters

For You

ALTA is a certified Design/Build contractor. That means we give you complete control of your custom refrigeration solution. Having a single responsible source for your project enables us to deliver a system that meets your needs and cuts costs incurred with time, energy, and efficiency.

For Us

Being a Design/Build contractor means building a tight team with one common goal — delivering a successful solution that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. This team also means that challenges are met with the like-minded, hands-on problem solving that is often missing from projects assigned to the lowest bidder.



ALTA is family-owned and that means our name is on the line. We believe in guaranteeing the quality of our products — and that integrity has made our name a trusted one for generations.

Total Accountability

Because we are responsible from start to finish, extra attention is paid to results, details, pricing and schedules.


Our company has been under the same management since 1985 and includes 14 mechanical engineers on staff.


Clarity and transparency throughout the project helps define the budget up front and reduces unexpected costs.


Working with one contractor increases efficiency and decreases the cost of doing double-work with multiple subcontractors.


We work with you to create a schedule that fits your needs and then we stick to it. ALTA delivers on time, every time.

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