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The Industry’s EXPERT Solution

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In 2013, we introduced our modular industrial refrigeration system as an efficient alternative to low charge ammonia refrigeration systems. Our industry-leading EXPERT line delivers the same refrigeration power as custom-built ammonia systems while using no water with the same annual power consumption. This synthetic refrigerant solution is the latest addition to our product line and has helped our customers reduce long term operational costs including power, water usage, and maintenance.

EXPERT units are designed for varying capacity requirements and have the flexibility of “converting” from low- to high-temperature applications by simply adjusting the temperature set point.

This modular solution is shipped ready for an easy installation and is designed for many mounting configurations. Plus, an EXPERT unit can be installed in existing builds as well as new projects.

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In just four years since the first units were installed, the EXPERT line of modular refrigeration systems has become the industry’s preferred alternative to conventional and low-charge ammonia systems with more than 100 units sold.

“This modular solution offers an alternative to using ammonia refrigerant without sacrificing equipment life or power savings and is engineered with all of the quality, reliability, and durability of traditional central systems.”

– Larry Gilliland, P.E., Vice President,
Refrigeration at SubZero Constructors


Low Cost to Install & Operate

Versus traditional central refrigeration systems

No PSM/RMP or Trained Operators

Uses a non-hazardous refrigerant

Reduces Energy Consumption

Defrosts with hot gas for unparalleled efficiency

Air Cooled

Eliminates water usage, water treatment, and condenser replacements

Field-Tested & In Demand

Over 1.2 Million FT2 now installed & operated with a total of more than 1.8 Million FT2 sold

Reliable Steel Construction

Stainless steel air sides and piping, and hot dipped galvanized structural steel offer decades of reliable operation



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