We are dedicated to developing refrigeration systems that work on time, every time. At ALTA, we’re proud to offer equipment that is made in the USA, designed to solve problems, and built to last. Our team includes tenured techs who have been with the company for more than 25 years, as well as eight mechanical engineers — four of whom are Licensed Professional Engineers.


Big or small, our team can deliver custom refrigeration systems that fit your needs. The proof? Our enterprise-scale EXPERT equipment is installed in 61 sites throughout the USA. Our projects range from a single unit servicing a 15,000 sq/ft space to 20 units servicing a 300,000 sq/ft cold storage distribution center that can blast freeze 1,000,000 lbs of product a day.


“Everyone that I’ve met that I have been exposed to, has been top notch. These units by far are doing the best for us, at the best cost savings and they’re more water efficient and more energy efficient”

Jennifer Bush, CFO – Valley Cold

“After working with many different service providers and a vast array of different refrigeration systems, we were most recently enlightened to a whole different standard of operating equipment once we took introduction to ALTA’s EXPERT Refrigeration System. Once installed in our new facility; the delivery, install, start up and more importantly operating parameters far exceeded our veteran knowledge as a refrigerated warehouse corporation. ALTA has conceived a game-changing packaged solution that allows us to completely re-think the way we approach application, construction, maintenance and ultimate allocation of KWH/cubic foot in operations. We look to ALTA for solutions, but we look at their products with fortified confidence.”

Dan Sorbello – Mullica Hill

“Trust… the single most important word I can use to describe my relationship with Eric and Justin.

These guys are willing to be challenged, pushing and optimizing their system, and stand behind thoughtfully engineered solutions with honesty, humility, and true openness.”

Erik Gunderson, Executive Vice President – Primus Builders


Our EXPERT line is our modular industrial refrigeration solution. For new builds big or small or existing facilities with dated equipment, these systems can be installed on your site weeks or even months faster than traditional builds. For specs and details on our EXPERT line, read more.


Our intuitive controls can integrate into your existing system to maximize efficiencies with the current equipment. By optimizing your industrial refrigeration system with ALTA’s controls, you can increase performance while reducing electrical energy consumption. Now that’s a win-win solution.